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Online Payment Integration

With literally hours and hours of expertise behind us in every facet of website development and related areas of web application development, we at Netto Logik offer you the most secure online payment gateway solutions.

We as a leading software development company perfectly understand your need for secure online transactions. All our e-commerce suits are designed and developed with this important aspect in mind. You can get in touch with our team of professionals for further details on the same.

Netto Logik is the preferred payment gateway for several simple reasons:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Unmatched Support
  • Simple Administration
  • Integrated Solution
  • One Stop Shop
  • Platform Independent
  • MIGS

Key Features of our payment gateway:

  • Your Own Merchant Account
  • Robust Risk Management Tools
  • Detailed MIS Reports
  • Hacker - Safe Certification
  • PCI audited Servers
  • Associate Network countrywide

Step 1:

Customer select and adds item in the shopping cart And places the order on your (merchant) website.

Step 2:

Customer selects to pay via credit card .

Step 3:

Customer is redirected through EBS Payment Gateway to Transaction Processing Bank.

Step 4:

Customer enters credit card details on Secured Payment page.

Step 5:

Credit card information is transmitted securely to the corresponding bank for approval.

Step 6:

Corresponding bank sends appropriate information to the transaction Processing bank .

Step 7:

The result is forwarded to EBS (via the Transaction Processing Bank).

Step 8:

Customer receives a confirmation and is redirected to your (merchant) website.