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Development Process

We understand the critical objectives of every project and work in close tandem with our clients to offer solutions that work in a trouble free manner. Netto-Logik has proven expertise, leveraged by the strength of experienced designers and developers from building basic websites to complex Online Payment gateway Systems, custom e-Commerce stores and Business portals. Netto Logik uses a methodological process in the web development. The entire web development cycle includes:

Feasibility study

A thorough feasibility study is undertaken to analyze the requirements, scope, costs, benefits and other implications of the proposed solution. This process enables quicker implementation of the project.

Analysis and Design

A systematic analysis and design process to specify the new system, and to detail the implementation requirements, done by our team of highly competent professionals.


To implement the findings of the A&D by performing Physical System Design, Program Development, various kinds of testing, installation and Evaluation.

Post Implementation Review

We understand that mere analysis is not enough and therefore to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of an implemented system and assess, we have another process to understand whether the system has achieved its agreed objectives and realized the intended benefits in a specified manner.


Maintenance of a system is of paramount importance and this ensures the performance and functionality of the system which should in turn match with the business needs of the users. Our constant monitoring system enables us to perfectly implement even complex projects with relative ease.